31 ജനുവരി 2014


First they take 30% of what you earn.  While taking this 30%, they also take another 3% of that 30% saying they wanted to educate people.

With the remaining 70% 

  • when you go about buying stuff to meet day-today needs, they take 13.5% percent from what ever you spend.
  • when you go for filling fuel in you vehicle, they double the price chanting customs, excise, commission etc.
  • when you get the service of someone get a your work done and pay for the work done, they take another 12.36%
  • when buy a property using your hard earned money or you gift your property to your kid, then they take a cut from you to make the transaction legal.
  • when you go about educating your kid, you end up paying hefty tuition fees since they do not care about kid's education.
  • when you go to get your health issues addressed, you end up spending a fortune in private hospitals as they do not care about your health.
  • when you go driving around the country, you  end up paying toll for each and every road you take as they are interested only in PPP model.

After all these they ask you for a generous donation to their relief fund saying they wanted to help people who are in trouble.